We promote innovative financing through the mobilization of non-reimbursable financial investment, for high-impact companies.

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    Frequent questions

    What types of financing exist?

    Financing takes many different forms:

    • Co-financing: Resources financed non-reimbursable resources financed by the government and other sources of international cooperation.
    • Financing through taxes: Within this financing are:
    • Tax benefits for innovation.
    • Tax benefits for the development of the field.

    Who can access financing?

    • Legally constituted companies with a minimum of two years of constitution.
    • Non-profit companies.
    • Public organisms.
    • Chambers of Commerce.
    • Associations.
    • Public organisms.

    What does my company need to access financing?

    Develop and apply for a research, innovation and development project.

    What are the amounts to finance a project?

    Generally the amounts are from 50,000USD to 15,000,000USD according to the type of project.

    How long does it take to get the resources?

    Depending on the type of application between 1 and 3 months.

    Do the resources received have to be returned?

    No, in these cases the resources of these funds are 100% non-reimbursable.

    What is the first step to start?

    You can do a validation through this form.